Achievements Define Us

achievements define us
Achievements Define Us

What are some of the greatest accomplishments or achievements in your life? What have you done to challenge yourself? What are you most proud of? I’m referring to the type of achievements that require you to break out of your comfort zone. (more…)

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Preparing for My 30 Day Challenge

Chalene's 30 Day Challenge banner
Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Challenge banner

I’m so excited! I’m preparing to share with you my day-to-day documentation following Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Challenge starting November 1, 2013.

For those of you who know me personally or follow my blog on a regular basis you know Chalene Johnson is my favorite mentor. See (Chalene Johnson: 30 Day Challenge) I am a strong proponent of this challenge.(I’m not an affiliate.) I have been through this challenge numerous times and love what it does for my productivity! (more…)

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Chalene Johson: 30-Day Challenge

Goals photo
The word ‘Goals’ written on a chalkboard

Identifiying Goals & Priorities

How can I identify my goals and priorities? Have you been searching for a program or product that is going to help you finally organize your life? Do you need to prioritize your life because you have been pursuing goals that just are not in alignment with your values? Do you know how to identify your goals and priorities? (more…)

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Developing Good Habits

I truly believe forming good habits is the key to living a successful, authentic life. Developing good habits requires…well habits. It requires constant evaluation and restructuring of your goals and priorities.

Good habits are hard to form and easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to form and hard to live with. Nothing is neutral. Everything counts.

– Brian Tracy


Waterbottle and Burger & Fries (more…)

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