Introduction: Canyon Howls

Canyon Howls - Canyon
Canyon Howls – Canyon

Hi! And welcome to Canyon Howls. I’m Canyon, momma to three sons, a Christian, full-time public safety employee, a part-time entrepreneur running my own web and graphic design business, Canyonlandz and an avid Alaskan malamute lover (more…)

Developing Good Habits

I truly believe forming good habits is the key to living a successful, authentic life. Developing good habits requires…well habits. It requires constant evaluation and restructuring of your goals and priorities.

Good habits are hard to form and easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to form and hard to live with. Nothing is neutral. Everything counts.

– Brian Tracy


Waterbottle and Burger & Fries (more…)

My Quirky Notebook Obsession {A Silly Attachment}

Quirky Notebook HabitThis afternoon my quirky notebook obsession got the best of me! I enjoy writing! I write to record memories and straighten out my thoughts (journaling). I write lists of things to-do. I write snippets I read in books, magazines or online (so I don’t have to look for them again later) and I even write just for the joy and pleasure of writing. (more…)

Out of My Comfort Zone

This morning I went to the University of Utah to meet with an academic adviser concerning a major from which I am interested in obtaining a bachelor’s degree. The parking experience on campus was a disaster!
The University campus is very tight on parking. The two ‘pay-lots’ which I attempted to park in were completely full. (more…)

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